3 Easy Alternatives To Beauty Rituals That Your Home Plumbing Does Not Like


When you perform your daily grooming routine, the last thing you probably think about is the impact your grooming techniques and products have on your plumbing. Both women and men have grooming and beauty habits that can clog pipes over time. The good news is that for every bad habit, there is typically a very easy alternative that can help keep you looking good while preserving your pipes. Read on to find out common beauty plumbing perils and their super-easy alternatives. 

1. Flushing Those "Flushable" Beauty Wipes Down the Toilet

The only product in wipe form that used to be common was baby wipes. Now, there are an array of wipes made for adults, including makeup removal wipes, tanning wipes, and even wipes saturated with body or face lotion. You may not think twice about flushing that wipe down the toilet that comes in a package that clearly states "flushable," because the package wouldn't lie to you, right?

The problem is that there is no law that states what a wipe must be composed of to label it as flushable, so it is at the product maker's discretion whether to instruct users to flush these wipes down the toilet or to dispose of them in the trash can. Experts advise to always dispose of beauty and personal care wipes in the trash can because, no matter what the label says, flushing them can clog your pipes and result in a huge inconvenience later that is not worth the small convenience now of flushing a wipe. 

2. Using Body and Facial Scrubs That Contain Particles That Don't Dissolve

For many people, there can be no better feeling than sloughing off a layer of dead skin at the sink or in the shower with one of the popular facials scrubs containing pieces of nut shells or DIY scrubs that contain coffee grounds and other handy ingredients from around the home. 

Since the environmental impact of polyethylene "micro-beads" have been exposed, you may be on the hunt for a scrub that does not harm the environment. However, scrubs containing nut shells, coffee, and other random items from around your home can clog your drains and build up in your home pipes. 

You don't have to stop scrubbing if you look for scrubs containing sea salt or sugar, as both break down quickly with water exposure. An added bonus is that they are gentler on your skin than nut shells, anyway, so this easy switch can benefit your skin as much as it benefits your pipes. 

3. Embracing Oil Too Much in Your Grooming Routine

Years ago, skin-savvy men and women avoided oils in their grooming rituals, as they were believed to clog pores. Now that that myth has been debunked, body oils and oils in beauty products are being embraced again for their moisturizing and skin-soothing properties. 

While rubbing a little oil onto your skin after a shower is just fine, be careful when beginning new beauty habits that involve using more oil than your skin can absorb that is then rinsed down the drain. The trendy new oil cleansing method, or OCM, is one new beauty technique that can be detrimental to your plumbing if more oil ends up down the drain than it does on your face. Oil is one of the biggest pipe-cloggers, and oils that solidify at room temperature, such as coconut oil, are the worst offenders. 

However, don't think you are off-the-hook if you choose thinner olive oil or jojoba, as too much of any oil can lead to pipe clogs over time. What can you do instead? You don't have to ditch your body or face-care oils if you are careful when handling them, so you don't accidentally pour oil down the drain that you meant to put on your face or body. You can also choose facial cleansing oils that contain emulsifiers that help the oil blend with water as you rinse it down the drain. 

You don't have to sacrifice beauty to help keep your pipes clear. If your pipes are currently clogged from bad beauty habits, then have a plumber unclog them and ask him or her what they found out was the cause. If they tell you that your pipes were lined with oil sludge or they found particles from your beauty products, then that can help remind you to be careful with products you rinse down the drain from now on. 

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19 June 2015

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