Love Technology? 3 Smart Devices That Can Protect Your Home From Plumbing Disasters


If you love to take advantage of new technology to improve your life and/or safeguard your home, then it is important to learn about the new advances in plumbing technology that can protect your home from plumbing disasters. You likely know that a leaky pipe or, even worse, a pipe that bursts can cause massive water damage in your home in the matter of just minutes.

However, you may not realize that there are now many plumbing products on the market today that use technology to help detect small leaks in your home pipes quickly before they become large ones that destroy parts of your home and other devices that safeguard your home from the damage that can occur when a dishwasher or home washing machine overflows. 

Read on to learn about three smart plumbing devices that allow you to use technology to safeguard your home from water damage that can occur after plumbing or appliance mishaps. 

1. Pipe Leak Detectors 

There are a variety of home water pipe leak detectors on the market today, and while they all differ a little in specific features, they all have one thing in common: they have sensors that detect leaks in your home plumbing pipes. Some communicate by wireless signal with a special device hooked up to your home's main water valve that is hooked up by your local plumber, and when they sense a leak in a pipe, they automatically shut off your home's water supply to prevent water damage to your home before it has a chance to occur. 

Others simply send a signal to your smartphone and alert you of the leak and its location, so you can choose whether to shut off your home's main water valve immediately or not. 

Not only can these devices save your home from water damage from a pipe leak, but they can also make fixing the leak quicker and easier for the residential plumber you call to repair it; finding the source of a home water leak can be a time intensive process for even the most experienced plumbers who have to use a variety of tools, including handheld moisture sensors, to determine where a pipe is leaking without turning the water back on and causing further water damage to your home. 

2. Washing Machine Water Shut-off Valves 

Washing machines can overflow for a variety of reasons, and while you can repair a machine that has overflowed once, that doesn't reverse the extensive water damage it may have caused your home the first time it overflowed. That is why it is best to have a washing machine water shut-off valve in place before your washing machine ever overflows, because this device will shut the washing machine power and water off when your washing machine is full in the event that your washing machine doesn't shut it off on its own. 

Since washing machine pipes are also prone to bursting, there are also plumbing products that close the laundry room water valves whenever you are not cleaning a load of laundry. When the pipes have no water supply running through them when your washing machine is not in use, if a pipe were to burst, only a few drops that may be left in them after use would flow into your laundry room instead of a never-ending supply of water that would come from the main washing machine water valves until a person were to shut them off. 

3. Water Heater Leak Detectors and Shut-off Valves

You likely know that you should turn off your water heater's water supply and call a plumber immediately as soon as you notice it is leaking, but if your water heater begins leaking when no one is home or the leak is simply not noticed until long after it starts, it could turn into a huge plumbing disaster. 

A water heater leak detector kit equipped with moisture sensors and shut-off valves can detect water heater leaks as soon as they appear and immediately shut off the water supply to the tank. Since many water heaters are in basements or utility rooms that homeowners don't visit frequently, these kits also typically sound an alarm to make sure the fact that the water heater was leaking and shut off doesn't go unnoticed. 

Once you hear the alarm, you can immediately call a local plumber who specializes in water heater repairs, so your family doesn't have to go without hot water for long while it is being repaired. 

Whether you love technology or just want to protect your home from plumbing disasters, ask companies like First Class Plumbing LLC about these three devices that can protect your home from water damage and even make plumbing repairs easier. 


22 February 2017

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