Answers To Your Questions On Baseboard Heating


Adding heat to an older home that wasn't previously equipped with ductwork may seem like a time consuming and expensive proposition, but there is a simple and cost effective alternative to forced air heating. Baseboard heating is an often overlooked but viable option. The following guide can help you better understand how it works.

What are the installation requirements?

The requirements for baseboard heating are relatively simple – you will need to have one bare wall in each room where you want to install a baseboard unit. This simply means that there is no furniture pushed against the wall or window installed upon the wall. Flooring doesn't matter, as baseboard heaters can be installed over both carpet and hard flooring.

Are there benefits over traditional forced air?

Baseboard heaters provide ambient heat, which leads to a more consistent temperature throughout the entire house. Unlike forced air, there is also minimal maintenance required on the baseboard units to keep them in working order – just dust them occasionally. Finally, baseboard heating is exceptionally quiet.

What are the types of baseboard heaters?

Electric baseboard heaters are available, which require nothing but either a plug or to be hardwired into the home's circuitry. These are simple to install but they can use a lot of electricity, so they aren't the most budget friendly choice. Hydronic units are much more efficient. These have a fluid in a closed system, which is heated by an electrical element. The heated fluid then moves through the heater and radiates the heat out into the room.

Are there any concerns with baseboard heaters?

They can get hot to the touch, so caution must be used if you have small children in the house. You also want to make sure that furniture or drapes aren't pushed against them, since this can both impede heat flow and present a fire danger.

Do they stand out in a room?

Baseboard heaters have a slim profile, so they are only a couple of inches wide. This means they take up very little of the valuable square footage in your home. They can also be painted with special heat resistant paint in nearly any color desired, so you can paint them to match your existing baseboards. This helps them blend with the room décor so they don't detract from the appearance of your home.

To further explore heating choices or to have baseboard heating installed, contact a heating contractor from a company like Erickson Plumbing & Heating.


6 March 2017

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