Troubleshooting The Common Problems With Different Types Of Water Heaters


When you have a problem with the water heater, it is important to know what types of problems may be causing issues. Depending on the type of water heater you have, you will want to do different things to troubleshoot the problem, such as checking the pilot light on a gas system or the breaker with an electric water heater. Here are some troubleshooting tips for different types of water heaters that are installed in homes:

1. Gas Water Heaters and Problems with The Pilot Light or Leaks

Gas water heaters have unique problems that may cause them not work. The issue is often the pilot light going out. When the pilot light goes out, you will need to check to make sure that gas service is on and relight it. Another problem that many gas water heaters have is that the element gets dirty. The grime from carbon buildup causes the ports in the heating element to become clogged, and when this happens it will need to be cleaned by a water heater repair service.

2. Electric Water Heater Issues That Cause Shorts or Inefficient Operation  

Electric water heaters have different problems than gas systems. Sometimes, the problem is something as simple as a power switch being turned off or a breaker, which should be the first thing you check. In addition, check relays in the unit that can be tripped and have the unit looked at if they continue to cause problems. There may be other problems with the electrical wiring of your water heater, which you can contact a water heater repair service to help you with.

3.  The Different Issues with Different Types of Tankless Water Heater Systems

The issue with different types of tankless water heaters may create different problems. If you have a gas water heater, then you have exhaust systems that may cause problems. The pipes of a gas system can become dirty, which may cause inefficiency or trip safety switches in the unit. Electric tankless systems do not have the exhaust problems, but may have problems with the safety relays or power outages. In addition, an electric tankless water heater also has an element that heats that water, which may eventually need to be replaced.

These are some tips to help troubleshoot problems with different types of water heaters installed in homes.  Contact a water heater repair service like Rapid Plumbing Inc to help with repairs to your water heater or a new installation if it is what you need. 


17 March 2017

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