Components Of A Septic System That Provide Your Home With Waste Treatment


Many homes do not use a conventional sewer connection to municipal waste treatment services. Often, rural and suburban homes rely on modern septic systems to treat waste that comes from residential plumbing. The modern septic system is a waste treatment system with a complex design that includes many different components. Here are the basic components of a modern septic system and the maintenance that your system is going to need:

1. The Main Sewer Line That Connects Home Plumbing to The Septic Tank

The sewer line that connects to your home is what carries the waste from your plumbing to the septic tank. This is the first component of your septic system. The sewer line can also have a backflow prevention device, which is a one-way valve that prevents waste from backing up into the plumbing in your home due to septic problems.

2. The Septic Tank and The Solid Chamber Where Bacteria Break Down Solid Waste

The first area of your septic tank is the collection chamber where waste goes into the system. This is where solid waste begins the process of being broken down by natural bacteria in the tank. The sludge is the solid waste in the bottom of this area of your septic tank, which needs to be pumped every few years to ensure your system is working properly.

3. The Effluent Chamber Where Liquid Waste Leaves the System for Final Filtration

The effluent chamber is that part of your septic tank where effluent is stored. The effluent is the liquid waste that is free of the solid waste that is heavier and sinks to the bottom of the first tank. The effluent goes through the final process of being broken down by bacteria and leaves the tank to be filtered through the soils in the drain field.

4. The Drain Field and Filtration of Effluent Through Soils or Filtration Mediums

The drain field is the part of your system where waste is filtered through the soils. There are several types of drain field designs, which may be mound systems if the water table is high or a designed wet land system for natural filtration of the effluent. Conventional septic systems have a series of leach pipes and filtration medium that allow waste to filter through the soils.

These are the basic components of a modern septic system and the maintenance that they need. If you have problems with your septic system or it is time for maintenance, contact a vacuum truck service like All Clear Pumping & Sewer to help. 


21 March 2017

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