How To Remove Pedestal Sinks


If you have a pedestal sink, you may need to do plumbing repairs, or update your bathroom with another type of sink. Pedestal sink plumbing is hidden in the pedestal, which presents a moderate challenge, but it isn't impossible for a novice DIY person to remove them. Pedestal sinks tend to be heavy, so you will need an extra hand. Here are tips to remove a pedestal sink. 

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • utility knife
  •  bucket or towel
  • adjustable wrench
  • hacksaw (optional)

Shut off the water supply to the sink. The shut off valves may be near the sink on the floor or wall  or behind an access panel.  If you can't locate the valves, cut off the main water supply to the house, which is near the water meter.

Open a tap to relieve water pressure. Set a bucket or towel under the water supply line to catch drips. Disconnect the nut on the water supply line with a wrench to remove it. 

Loosen the P-Trap

Disconnect the nut on the P-trap attached to the wall. The P-trap is the part that prevents back flow and gases from sewage.

Loosen the nut on the P-trap by hand, but leave the P-trap in place for now.  If you can't loosen the nut by hand, use a wrench. If the sink is older, and you don't plan to reuse it, you may need to cut off hardware with a hacksaw.

Don't disconnect the drain pipe and faucet until you remove the pedestal.  After you disconnect the pedestal, the drain pipe and faucet will be easier to remove. Use a utility knife to cut the seal at the bottom of the pedestal.

Remove the Sink

Grasp the sink firmly with both hands. Get an assistant to locate the mounting nuts and loosen them with a wrench. Set aside hardware you plan to reuse.

If you plan to install another type of sink, repair the holes in the wall. To cap off the pipes, you will need to cut a hole in the drywall.

Once the sink starts moving, raise it up while the assistant holds the base. Ensure the P-trap disconnects from the wall. 

Lay the sink on a flat surface or work bench. Disconnect the drain and pipes with a wrench. Remove the mounting bolts from the base, and lift it off the floor. Clean the drain pipes, if you plan to use the same type of sink.

Follow your municipality's guidelines for disposing of the sink. If you don't trust your skill, or the new sink installation leaks, contact a plumber, like one from Eliminator Plumbing.


6 April 2017

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