Why Does The Breaker Keep Flipping When You Use The Heat Pump?


Part of the troubleshooting process for a heat pump not working is to check the breaker in your home's electrical panel. If the breaker is flipped to the "off" position, that should resolve the issue. However, there are situations in which the breaker might trip again. If that happens, you need to determine why before doing any basic troubleshooting.  

What Is Causing the Breaker to Trip?

There are several possible reasons that your heat pump is causing the breaker to trip. One of the easiest places to start in diagnosing the problem is the air filter. If the air filter is dirty, the air from the pump is forced back into the system, which can cause the breaker to continuously trip. Replacing the filter could make a difference.  

If the filter is not to blame, you can turn to the outside unit for your pump. Since the pump is outside, it gets exposed to a range of environmental elements, including dirt. Over time, debris can build up inside the unit and cause it to work harder to produce the same results. The increased work can place a heavier strain on the electrical wiring and lead to the breaker tripping.  

Your home's electrical wiring might also be the reason for the tripped breaker. If the breaker's connections are loose or worn, the tripping will continue to occur until the connection is repaired or replaced. In some instances, all new wiring from the pump to the electrical panel might be needed.  

What Can You Do?

Your options for repairing the breaker issue are limited. Most issues require a professional assessment and repair. For instance, an electrician is needed for tightening the connections from the heat pump to the electrical panel. He or she would also be responsible for the more extensive rewiring of the entire panel, if necessary.  

Although some homeowners have taken on the task of cleaning their outdoor units, this could be the wrong move. There is special equipment and chemicals that are needed to clean the units. If you do not have the proper tools, you could cause damage to your unit, which could mean a larger repair bill for you later.  

A tripped breaker should not be ignored. Instead of continuing to flip the breaker into the "on" position to use your heat pump, contact an HVAC contractor who can assess the pump and determine what is the cause of the problem. For more information, contact companies like All American Plumbing & Heating.


6 April 2017

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