Simple Tips For Keeping Your New Hot Tub Clean


If you have been eyeing that new hot tub on sale, then you may be tempted to spring for it. If you are thinking seriously about the decision, then you may be wary of all the work that goes into caring for the device. This is a real concern for many people, but there are a few simple tips that can help you to keep the tub clean with very little effort. Read through the following tips and make sure to implement them as soon as you purchase your hot tub.

Collect Debris Properly

It can be difficult to keep debris out of your hot tub, and bits of dirt and other matter will certainly build up quickly in the small amount of water that sits inside of it. This is one reason why it is wise to drain and refill the tub often. Typically, you want to do this after extensive use. However, if you simply drain the tub, a lot of the debris is likely to get stuck in the return inlets. This is a common issue and can leave debris in your hot tub even if you drain it multiple times. 

To get rid of debris for good, cut up a pair of used nylons or stocking and place a long section along each of the return or drainage openings, especially along the circulating water system. 

If you notice that a soapy film remains, instead of a lot of solid debris, then you need to scrub the inside of your hot tub to get rid of it. You can use a dedicated spa or hot tub cleaner or you can use a household cleaning agent. The trick is to use one that does not create suds or bubbles. This often adds to the residue and foaming issues that can be caused by such residue.

Vinegar, diluted bleach, and rubbing alcohol are a few of the substances that can eat through the built up film on your hot tub. If these products do not work and you still see some suds or bubble in the water, then invest in an anti-foam product. This can be added right to the water and helps to reduce some of the residue issues. 

Add A Tennis Ball

If you want to prevent residue issues as much as possible, then you need to add something to your skimmer that will help to absorb the oils, lotions, soaps, sweat, and other contaminants that cause the build up in the first place. A tennis ball in the skimmer can help with this. The outer coating on the ball absorbs debris as it floats around the top of the water. 

Change out the tennis ball at least once a month or more regularly if you have a number of people in your hot tub at one time. 

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10 January 2018

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