What to Do When Hair Clogs Are a Recurring Problem


Hair is one of the most common causes of clogging in bathtubs and showers. It's commonly believed that ladies' long hair is what leads to clogging but this isn't true. Any kind of hair, long, short, and even animal fur can cause a drain to clog. Hair can easily become trapped on oily deposits inside the drain. The hair then provides more area for oil to stick on and trap other material. If hair clogs are a common problem in your house, there are a few solutions for you.

Brush your Hair Before Bathing or Showering

Brushing gets rid of most of the loose hair that is likely to go down the drain while you bathe or shower. This gives you a chance to dispose of the hair in some other way rather than letting it go down your drain.

Don't let Hair go Down the Drain While Shampooing

Occasionally, some hair will come loose while you are shampooing your hair. Whether it's a few strands or a handful, ensure that none of it goes down the drain. Instead, put the hair strands on the edge of the tub to dispose of later.

Use a Fabric Softener Sheet to Cover your Drain

A used fabric softener sheet forms an ideal trap for hair when placed over the drain. Any hair headed down the drain will get stuck to the fabric softener sheet. When you're done bathing or showering, you can dispose of the sheet.

Use a Steel Mesh Cup

Steel mesh cups look like the strainers you'll find in a kitchen. The fine mesh will trap most of the hair that would otherwise end up in your drain. For people who shed a lot of hair, you will have to clean the mesh cup regularly.

Clogs May Still Happen

The above measures may reduce the frequency of clogs but won't necessarily eliminate them entirely. It's possible that every once in a while you'll still have to deal with a clog. When this happens, you still have several options at your disposal such as gel clog removers. However, for clogs that won't seem to go away, you may have to request professional drain cleaning services. These professional services will have the means to get rid of any kind of clog whether they are caused by something as simple as hair or something more complicated like the entry of roots from nearby plants.  


3 March 2018

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