3 Signs Your Tub Drain Needs Professional Cleaning


Your tub and shower drain can see a massive amount of water flow down it every day, especially so if you have a relatively larger household. This means that over time general wear and tear may eventually cause clogs or other drainage and plumbing issues that can disrupt your everyday schedule. Understanding some of the warning signs that your shower and tub drain may be experiencing an issue can help you identify problems early before they leave you knee-deep in trouble.

1. Irregular Sounds

One of the most common signs that there may be a blockage or another issue with your tub's drain is if you notice that the drain itself is quite noisy while it is draining water. A gurgle or bubble that comes out of your drain usually points to some sort of blockage – most commonly a partial blockage that allows some water to drain properly, but not at the ideal rate. This forces air to travel back up the pipes, creating the gurgling or bubbling sound that you hear. A professional cleaning can remove the blockage and ensure that your pipes drain at the proper rate.

2. Slow Draining

Another fairly hard-to-miss sign that your drain is overdue for a professional inspection and cleaning is if you notice that you're standing in more and more water as you take a shower, or if it takes an extremely extended period of time for a full bathtub to drain completely. In either case, there is usually a buildup of debris within your drain that is slowing down the draining of water. Hair is the most common clogging material within bathtub and shower drains, so to prevent such blockages from occurring again after you've gotten your drain cleaned by a professional, you should install a strainer to catch any excess hair before it goes down the drain. This will simplify your plumbing maintenance and save you money in the long run.

3. Damaged Flooring

Finally, the last indication that there may be something wrong with your tub and shower drain is if you notice that your floor has experienced some sort of water damage from underneath. This can take the form of bubbling and warping upwards, but it can also cause staining, discoloration, or a spongy feeling (for wood and synthetic materials). All of these signs point to water leaking out of your drain pipe underneath your floor, which is causing structural damage to the flooring and the supports underneath.

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17 March 2018

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