Tips For Removing Hard Water Scale And Rust Stains From Your Sinks And Toilets


If your home uses well water that leaves iron stains and hard water scale on all of your sinks and toilets, then these tips will help you successfully remove them:

Tip: Wash the Porcelain with a Grease-Cutting Detergent Before Scrubbing

Since your home's sinks and toilets come into contact with greases and oils from your body and cleaning products, it is important that you remove this grease before you try to remove the scale and iron stains. The best way to accomplish this task is to wash the porcelain with a grease-cutting detergent such as liquid dish soap. Use a liberal amount of soap, a plastic scrub pad, and hot water for the best results.

Tip: Soak the Stains Using a Citric Acid Dishwasher Spot Removal Product

The additive you put in your dishwasher to keep spots off of your dishes is made of citric acid. Citric acid removes the spots by dissolving the hard water scale using a chemical reaction. Just as it cleans your dishes, citric acid will also help dissolve the stains in your sinks and toilets. And, these products are septic safe.

Before you start scrubbing, fill up your sinks with hot water and add some dishwasher spot remover to them and your toilets. Let the acidic water sit for about an hour while it works on the stains. Once things look better and you can remove the scale with your finger, then wash out the sinks and toilets with clean water.

Tip: Scrub the Sink and Toilet Using a Plastic Scrubbing Pad

Once the iron stains and hard water scale have been loosened from soaking, then you should scrub your sinks and toilets with a stiff, plastic scrubbing pad. These pads are sold at your grocery store as "cookware cleaning pads" and are stiff enough to scrub off even the toughest stains.

Tip: Use a Porcelain-Safe Pumice Stone 

Finally, if you try all of the above tips and you can still feel some hard water scale or see some iron stains on your sinks or in your toilets, then you should purchase a porcelain-safe pumice stone. You can find one of these helpful stones at your local hardware store or home improvement center in the cleaning products aisle, and it can be used to scrub off the remaining stains. The pumice is hard enough to remove the offending stains but not hard enough to damage the porcelain.

If you have continual problems with your plumbing because of hard water, talk with a plumber to explore your options.     


27 March 2018

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