Why Are Leak Detection And Plumbing Maintenance Services Important?


Many homeowners today do not realize the importance of having routine plumbing inspections. They postpone or avoid the services until something unfortunate such as water damage occurs. Unfortunately, this can result in them needing to spend more money fixing the water leak and getting the water damage cleaned up. Water damage is dangerous because it can encourage mold growth. Toxic mold can make individuals sick and it can spread quickly. If you wait until the signs of water damage are obvious, you will likely have to also get building materials that were impacted by the water replaced. Perhaps you are wondering how to determine if you possibly have a water leak. The following points will help you understand the signs.

Water Running Sound

Perhaps you have heard what sounds like water running behind your walls. This might occur after you use water or flush your toilet. These types of leaks should be addressed as soon as possible because they can expose you and your family to black or grey water, which are both toxic. They may contain fecal matter and other harmful substances. This type of leak can prove to be hazardous especially if there is also a clogged drain issue.

Cracks in Foundation

These are referred to as slab leaks. They can cause significant damage to home foundations. A common way these are spotted is when the structural integrity of homes appear to shift or look warped. Cracks can be fixed if they are caught in a timely manner. A common fix is underpinning the foundation. However, the leak must be repaired and detected to ensure that the repair approach is successful.

Brown Staining

This is usually the telltale sign that individuals notice. The brown staining is the result of water drying behind the surfaces of walls or ceilings. Leak detection services are needed for this type of issue because it is possible for the leak to be located in a different location than where the staining is located. The water may have pooled or drained from another location. It is also possible for a home to have more than one leak in multiple locations.

A leak detection professional, such as from Calhoun Plumbing ,
is a good resource to use to confirm if you have a water leak. They have a variety of tools in their arsenals such as cameras and equipment that can detect moisture or temperature fluctuations. These fluctuations are important to note because some leaks are how water leaks. 


28 May 2018

Exploring The Importance of Plumbing Pipes

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