Inspection Tips To Identify Winter Plumbing Damage


If you live in an area where the winter weather gets bitter and cold, it can be dangerous for your home's plumbing. As the temperatures start to thaw, it is important that you inspect your pipes for any signs of damage. Unfortunately, if you don't know what to look for, you may find yourself facing costly water damage. Here are a few of the things that you need to check as the weather starts to warm.

Hose Bibs And Exterior Pipes

When water freezes in your pipes, the expansion caused by the ice can crack your pipes. If there's still water in the hose bibs, it will break the fixture. If you forgot to shut the water off to your exterior fixtures before the temperatures dropped, you may be facing damaged fixtures and pipes when the weather thaws. Check all of the plumbing lines and hose bibs for any signs of damage, and test all of the water valves to be sure that they are functioning correctly and not leaking.


Your faucets can also suffer damage due to the cold temperatures. Check for any mineral buildup on the ends of the faucets. You'll recognize it by the white residue that appears around the end of the fixture. You can eliminate it by soaking the faucet in vinegar for a day, then rinse it completely.

If any faucets are dripping, it may be because of a damaged gasket. The winter weather can cause the gasket to dry, crack, or otherwise fail. You can remove the faucet end and replace the gasket yourself. If you're not comfortable doing that, you can have your local plumber do it for you.

Downspouts And Drains

Your downspouts and drains need to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis as well. If those drains and downspouts get clogged with debris and ice, it can crack them and cause damage. You'll need to check the openings and make sure that water is flowing clearly through each of the lines.

No matter what kind of problem you encounter with your home's plumbing system, there are ways to troubleshoot it. Don't let the cold temperatures of winter leave you facing busted pipes and water damage problems. The more proactive you are about inspections and working with your plumber, the easier it will be for you to protect your home's plumbing from potential water damage and the costly repairs that come with it.

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10 July 2018

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