The Importance Of Sump Pump Maintenance


If your house has a sump pump in the basement, you probably feel safe knowing that it will kick on when needed. While your sump pump might kick on when the water table gets too high, there is also a chance that it will not work when it is needed. If this happens, you could experience water damage in your home, but you may be able to prevent problems like this through regular sump pump maintenance.

What is sump pump maintenance?

Sump pump maintenance is the process used to ensure that your sump pump is working properly, and the main purpose it serves is to avoid problems with water in your home if the water table rises too much. Sump pump maintenance is something you can do yourself if you know how, or it is something you could hire a company like Plumb-It Inc to do.

If you hire a plumber, he or she will perform several steps during the process of sump pump maintenance. The first step will be to make sure it is installed correctly, that it is plugged in, and that the electrical breaker is on. Next, the plumber may check the batteries in the device and replace them to make sure they are working properly. If your sump pump does not have a battery backup on it, the plumber may suggest adding one, as this will protect you even when the power to your house goes out. During the inspection, the plumber will also test the sump pump to determine if it kicks on as it should. When finished, you can be certain that your sump pump will work when needed.

Why is this so important?

A lot of people have a sump pump at home, but there are so many times when the sump pump does not kick on when it should. This can occur from a lack of power to the device, problems with the pump, or from a blown breaker. If this happens and the water table rises too much, it can cause water to enter a basement or crawlspace, and this is something most people could prevent simply by going through sump pump maintenance.

Water that enters inside a basement or crawl space is not easy to remove, and it will cause a great amount of damage to the home if you cannot get rid of it immediately. You can prevent this, though, by hiring a plumber to perform sump pump maintenance once every year. To learn more or to schedule services, contact a plumbing company today.


6 December 2018

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