Get Warm In Your Home


It is a horrible feeling to be sitting in your home during winter and be so cold you can't get comfortable no matter what you are doing. If you are having a hard time keeping your house warm and comfy this winter, then you may find the information below helpful.

Warm yourself first

The first thing you want to do when you are trying to stay warm in your home is to put on an extra layer of clothing. Also, wear extra thick socks and don't walk or stand on hard flooring. Hard floors will be very cold when the house is cold and standing or even walking on them barefoot can send a chill through your body that will be hard to shake, even if you do get the house warmed up to a comfortable temperature.

Cut out the drafts

If you have a lot of drafty areas throughout your house, then your heating system is going to have a hard time ever achieving and especially maintaining a warm and comfortable temperature. You can start by walking through the house slowly in a short-sleeved shirt to feel for obvious drafts. Fix the drafty areas as you find them. Once you feel you have them all taken care of, you can double check by lighting a candle and walking through the house again slowly, while keeping an eye on the flame of the candle. If the flame suddenly starts dancing more, check the nearby windows and doors for more drafts.

Check the air filter and registers

For central heat you want to make sure the air filter is clean and that all of the registers throughout the home are open and not blocked by anything. Floor registers shouldn't have anything on or directly in front of them and registers near the ceiling should be pointing more toward the center of the room instead of straight downward. For furnaces, you still want to make sure the filter is clean. You will also want to check the pilot light to make sure it is lit. If not, follow proper protocol to light the pilot light.

Call out an HVAC technician

If you continue having a hard time keeping the home warm, call out an HVAC technician to look at your system. There may be something mechanically wrong with it that is causing it to have a hard time properly warming up your home. Contact a service, like H.R. Stewart Inc., to get started.


2 January 2019

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