Upgrades, Plumbing, And Green Home Improvements: 3 Ideas To Give Your Home A Greener Plumbing Design


The plumbing in your home may be outdated and in need of major upgrades. Installing new pipes in your home is a great opportunity for green improvements, including the addition of renewable resources to your home like rain collection and greywater recycling systems.The upgrades help to reduce water consumption, save energy, and prevent problems with sewer and septic systems. The following green plumbing improvement ideas will help give your home the right upgrades when you update your pipes:

Solar Energy and Efficiency for Your Plumbing and Mechanical Systems

If you want to add green renewable energy to your household plumbing, then solar energy is a great solution. For the plumbing in your home, the solar energy can come in the form of collectors that provide thermal energy to a water heater, as well as to heating systems. These features can provide all your energy for hot water during the summer months and reduce heating costs during the winter months.

Options for Grey Water and Rain Collection to Add Resources for Irrigation

There are other solutions to add renewable resources to your household plumbing in the form of recycling greywater and rain collection systems. The greywater from things like appliances and mechanical systems is usually clean, which means that this water can be reused with a little filtration, for things like landscaping irrigation. The rainwater can be collected and used for non-potable water uses with a little filtration or used for potable water using a purification system. If your home relies on a well, rain collection and water purification systems are an option to protect your home from summer droughts and low water levels in the well.

Reducing Water Waste and Improving Efficiency with Low-Consumption Pipes and Fixtures

The pipes in your home can also be inefficient due to things like poor insulation and old designs that deliver water from boilers or water heaters inefficiently. Consider replacing old pipes with a modern plumbing design that using a plumbing manifold for more efficient distribution of water. To reduce waste, use high-efficiency plumbing fixtures that use less water. In addition, make sure that all hot water lines are insulated to prevent energy loss when water is being delivered from the water heater to plumbing fixtures.

These are some tips that will help you choose the right plumbing improvements for a greener plumbing system and more renewable resources for your home. If you are ready for some of these improvements for your home, contact a repiping service, such as R Acres Plumbing Company LLC, and talk to them about these green ideas for the pipes in your home.


16 August 2019

Exploring The Importance of Plumbing Pipes

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