Plumbing Emergencies And Damage Control: 4 Steps To Get Plumbing Problems Under Control While Waiting For Help


When plumbing problems are causing serious damage to your home, you are going to need emergency repairs. While you are waiting for help to repair the problems, you want to do your best to control the situation and keep the damaged contained in one area of your home. The following steps will help you get the plumbing problems under control while you are waiting for help with the repairs.

Start by Shutting the Main Water Off and Relieving Pressure from Your Water Lines

The first thing that you will want to do when dealing with water due to plumbing problems is to turn off the main water line that supplies water to your home. If you have additional shutoff valves, you can shut off the water to the affected areas and turn the main line back on. To relieve pressure from pipes, open all the plumbing fixtures to drain most of the water from damaged pipes.

Make Sure That Electricity and Other Utilities Are Shut Off in the Affected Areas of Your Home

With the water shut off in the affected area of your home, you will want to make sure that the electricity and other utilities are also turned off. Switch off breakers in the affected area of your home and if you are not sure, turn off the main power coming into your home. In addition, if you have gas appliances, turn off the main gas valve to ensure there are not any leaks or hazards when cleaning up the damage.

Begin Pumping and Bailing Out Any Standing Water That Causes Damage and Make Repairs Difficult

As soon as you know that it is safe to enter the flooded area, you want to begin pumping the water out with hoses or whatever type of pump you can find around your home. If you do not have a pump or hose, use whatever buckets or containers you can find to start bailing the standing water out of your home.

Use Whatever Resources You Have Available to Keep the Water Contained in the Affected Areas

Lastly, you are going to want to do whatever possible to keep the problems with water and plumbing contained in the area where the damage is. Therefore, you want to use whatever resources you have available to keep the damage contained, such as using hoses to pump out water as it comes in, or filling plastic garbage bags with soil to use as sandbags to contain water in the affected area.

These are some tips that will help you get the plumbing problems you need help with under control while waiting on repairs. If you have a problem with pipes that is causing damage and hazards in your home, contact an emergency plumbing repair service for help fixing the problem.


22 October 2019

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