3 Causes Of Septic Tank Issues


Your septic system manages all the wastewater that flows from your home. Without your septic system, your plumbing system would cease to function. Your septic system is a vital component of your plumbing system, which is why you need to be aware of situations that can cause your septic system to malfunction.

Cause #1: Rainy Season

The first thing that can cause your septic system issues is the rainy season where you live. This is even truer if you live somewhere where you experience hurricane season.

Excess rain can be an issue if it isn't draining to the right place. In order to get ready for the rainy season wherever you live, make sure that your gutters are clean and your drainage pipes are pointed in the right direction. Make sure your home is set-up to keep moisture away from your septic tank drainage field.

Too much water in the septic tank drainage area can saturate the ground above your septic tank and cause performance issues.

If a hurricane hits, limit the amount of wastewater that you send to your septic tank so that it is not overwhelmed.

Cause #2: Extra Guests

Your septic system is made to process and filter a certain amount of water. If you have lots of visitors over or have some guests stay over, you may experience issues with your septic system due to an increase in water usage.

If you are having a large party at your home, consider renting a portable restroom trailer that feels like a private restroom to take the stress off your septic tank. If you have guests over for a few days, and more showers are being taken and more toilets flushed, try to limit your water usage in other ways. Hold off on laundry until your guests leave, only run your dishwasher if it is full, and cut back on how long you shower.

Cause #3: Age

Finally, your septic system may start to experience issues as it gets older. If your septic system is more than a few decades old, you should start a savings account so that when your septic system needs to be replaced, you are ready from a financial viewpoint to replace the system. You should also have a septic system team come out once a year to take care of your septic system; with the right maintenance, you can coax more usage out of your septic system.

Excessive moisture, extra water usage, and age are three common causes of septic system issues. Prevent damage from excessive moisture by taking care of the drainage system around your home. When you have extra guests, cut back on water usage in other ways. Get regular septic inspections and services to get the most possible usage out of your system. Contact local septic tank services for more tips. 


21 January 2020

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