Possible Causes Of A Water Leak Under Your Kitchen Sink And When You Need An Emergency Plumber


A pipe leak under your sink isn't always an emergency, but it might be if you can't stop the water. You might be able to make DIY repairs if the problem is a loose nut that just needs to be tightened, but you may need to call a plumber for more complex repairs, especially if the leak turns into a plumbing emergency. Here are possible reasons for a water leak under your sink and repairs that might be needed.

Leaks in the Drains

Leaks in the drains only happen when you're running water or draining a sink. If your sink cabinet is dry except when you use water, then you can narrow the problem down to a drain. If your sink drains are metal, look for signs of rust or cracks. If the pipes are damaged, they'll need to be replaced.

Try to tighten the nuts on the drains that attach to the trap, sink, and main drain, since these often work loose and can start leaking. If you can't stop the leak by tightening the connections, then call a plumber so your sink is back in service.

Place a bucket under the sink to collect water, or don't use water until the plumber makes repairs. If it's important to have your sink working fast, then call an emergency plumber for quick help.

Leaks in the Water Supply

If a water supply line is leaking, your sink cabinet will be wet or damp all the time since the line is under pressure and full of water even if you're not using the sink. It can be difficult to tell where a leak is since water will roll down the line and drip off at the lowest level.

Try drying the valve, hose, and connections and then feel for water along the plumbing. The problem might be loose connections, but a washer might be worn out and need to be replaced. The valve might need to be replaced or tightened. Be sure to check under the faucet that the connections are tight, but you may need a basin wrench to reach in the tight space.

You can stop a supply line leak by turning the shut-off valve. However, you may find the shut-off valve is stuck and won't turn. If water is spewing, and you can't shut it off, call an emergency plumber. You don't want a leak to cause water damage, and you don't want to turn off your water main and go without water from any of your faucets, so calling a plumber for emergency help is a good solution when you can't stop the leak yourself.


16 March 2020

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