This Is Why You Should Have A Plumber Inspection After An Earthquake


Going through an earthquake can be nerve-wracking, even if it's relatively minor. If you've gotten through an earthquake, no matter how minor or severe and your house is still in one piece, you might think that the worst is behind you. However, it'd be a very good idea for you to take this opportunity to call over a residential plumber to have your home inspected. Here's why.

Loose Pipes

One of the problems that can strike after even mild earthquakes is that connections between pipes in the walls of your home are loosened. This won't initially present itself to homeowners, as it usually happens inside the walls instead of under sinks, for example. However, it can lead to huge problems down the line.

If the pipe connections are loosened, a leak can develop. It may not happen initially, but if the pipes aren't gripping each other well, continual gravity can start to push them apart over a period of time. Whether it happens during the initial damage from the earthquake or weeks or even months after it, you could end up with major leaks in your walls that can damage everything from the wood to the electrical wires running through them. Getting inspected before this happens can save you a ton of time and money.

Damaged Sewer Line

Another issue is that the sewer line running from your house to the street may have been damaged in a similar way to the pipes in your walls. Sewer lines are rigid, which means that the sudden motion of the earth can put strain on them. If there's too much tension between the street and your home, the line can break, crack, or come apart at the joints. This can lead to sewage leaking into your yard, back-ups in your plumbing indoors, and more. Your plumber will be able to look for damage using a camera on the inside of the sewer line, so your yard doesn't have to be dug up to check.

Water Heater Connections

Finally, you should have your water heater checked, especially if it wasn't strapped properly. Water heaters can easily become disconnected from their incoming and outgoing pipes, which can cause problems with getting enough hot water, or it can cause leaks all over your floor. Like pipes in your walls, these problems may not present themselves immediately, so it's good to have a pro take a look before problems develop.


24 June 2020

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