3 Common Shower Annoyances That A Plumber Can Actually Fix


Showering should be relaxing and enjoyable. But so often, there is something about your shower that annoys you enough to make the experience less amazing than it could be. Many homeowners just ignore these little annoyances and go on taking less-than-perfect showers year after year, but in actuality, most annoying shower problems can be fixed by a plumber with relative ease. Here are three problems that are worth contacting your plumber about.

Water Around Your Ankles

Does your tub fill up to your ankles when you shower, rather than draining immediately? Standing in a pool of water while you shower is no fun at all, and it's really not very sanitary. Luckily, this problem is almost always the result of a clogged drain. A plumber can remove the drain cover and pull out the offending material, which is almost always hair and soap scum. Your plumber may also recommend a more effective drain basket for catching the hair so you don't end up with this problem again.

Low Water Pressure

When you're craving a really forceful, invigorating shower, having the water come trickling out can be really disheartening. There are a few possible causes of low water pressure, and your plumber will do some trial and error to figure out which one is to blame in your situation. They might simply need to replace your shower head if it has become clogged with mineral buildup. If there are mineral deposits in your pipes, they might need to replace those pipes — which is a bigger job, but a pretty straightforward one. It's also possible that one of your valves is stuck, in which case your plumber will identify and fix the offending valve.

Hot Water When a Toilet Is Flushed

Does your shower suddenly get really hot when someone flushes the toilet? This happens if your toilet and shower are on the same "branch" of the cold water pipe system. Your plumber can fix the issue in one of two ways. One option is to install a pressure balanced valve that will reduce the amount of hot water that flows to your shower head in response to a reduced flow of cold water. Another option is to reconfigure the pipes so that flushing the toilet does not divert water from the shower. Your plumber can tell you which option is the most feasible based on your plumbing layout.

Each of the above problems is solvable, so don't go on suffering! Call a plumber today, and enjoy the nice, relaxing shower that you deserve.


28 July 2020

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