Have Damaged Pipes From Drain Cleaner? Call A Plumber Right Away


If you have dumped drain cleaner into the sinks around your house and now have pipes that are eroding and falling apart, you want to call a plumber before you have water leaks and damages. You could end up with expensive damage and major repair work if you don't take preventative action.

As metal pipes age, they become susceptible to a variety of complications, but chemical exposure increases the damages. Talk with the plumber about these things.

PVC Options

Your entire plumbing system may not be at risk, so it could be possible to just replace some of the pipes that need it with PVC pipe. If the chemicals have destroyed the metal, only replace the damaged components necessary.

The PVC is resistant to chemicals, moisture, and fire, so it is a very safe option for the home, especially under the sink. It is also one of the most affordable plumbing piping options and is a long-term durable option for your home.

Plumbing Flush

The plumber will be removing piping components, so this may be a good time to flush all the pipes. This will push debris that is clogging the pipes or buildup that is disrupting the flow of water through the plumbing system.

Once the pipes are flushed, water flow should improve. If the water has flushing issues, then there may be clogs that need immediate attention. It can also be beneficial to have all the appliances flushed and cleaned at this time, in case there is buildup at the connection pipes.

Plumbing Evaluation

The plumbers will do an evaluation of your pipes by putting cameras through the plumbing system. This allows them to see if there are leaks or severe damage in other areas around the home. They may find that there are damages in several areas or that you have connection problems throughout the house.

Talk with the plumber about the different ways you can prevent clogs and problems in the drain so you are not using drain cleaner. If you do not have your pipes flushed and maintained regularly, this will lead to complications, so be sure to schedule routine maintenance.

If you are worried about the cost, have more than one plumber come to your home to give you an estimate for the job. Compare what the different professionals want you to replace and what the cost will be.

Call a local plumber for help caring for your drains.


13 October 2020

Exploring The Importance of Plumbing Pipes

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