Get Warm In Your Home


It is a horrible feeling to be sitting in your home during winter and be so cold you can't get comfortable no matter what you are doing. If you are having a hard time keeping your house warm and comfy this winter, then you may find the information below helpful. Warm yourself first The first thing you want to do when you are trying to stay warm in your home is to put on an extra layer of clothing.

2 January 2019

The Importance Of Sump Pump Maintenance


If your house has a sump pump in the basement, you probably feel safe knowing that it will kick on when needed. While your sump pump might kick on when the water table gets too high, there is also a chance that it will not work when it is needed. If this happens, you could experience water damage in your home, but you may be able to prevent problems like this through regular sump pump maintenance.

6 December 2018

How To Keep Your Plumbing Under Control When You Have A Pet


For many people, pets are part of the family, and they are a joyous part of our lives. Unfortunately, when it comes to your home's plumbing system, your pet can essentially be the cause of numerous problems. To ensure that both your plumbing and your pets remain safe, here are a few tips you will want to keep in mind. Your Cats and Household Sinks You've probably seen on the internet how much cats love sinks.

12 November 2018

Preparing Your Plumbing For Autumn


Fall is a beautiful time when the leaves change color and begin falling. While it is a very festive part of the year, it's also a period of time when you need to put more focus on protecting your plumbing.  Check Your Pipes One of the biggest concerns is the affect that cold weather has on your pipes. While it might seem like it only affects your pipes during the winter, but it's also a problem during unusually cold autumn years.

19 September 2018

3 Common Bathroom Plumbing Issues And Ways To Handle Them


It often goes unnoticed, but the plumbing in the bathroom is important to keep an eye on. The slightest problem with it could seriously impact your day-to-day home life. Here are several common plumbing issues you'll encounter at some point and ways to handle them.  1. Clogged Toilet  Probably the most stressful plumbing complication to deal with in the bathroom is a clogged toilet. It can happen without warning, whether too much toilet paper has collected inside the drain or an object was accidentally flushed.

22 August 2018

Don't Wait For Your Pipes To Burse: 4 Ways To Protect Your Pipes From Winter Ruptures


Winter will be here before you know it. If you've recently had a plumbing contractor replace the pipes in your home, you want to make sure they survive the cold weather. After all, even brand-new pipes can freeze during the winter. If they do, you're going to be looking at water damage, and the replacement of your brand new water pipes. Here are four simple steps you can take to protect your pipes this winter.

30 July 2018

Inspection Tips To Identify Winter Plumbing Damage


If you live in an area where the winter weather gets bitter and cold, it can be dangerous for your home's plumbing. As the temperatures start to thaw, it is important that you inspect your pipes for any signs of damage. Unfortunately, if you don't know what to look for, you may find yourself facing costly water damage. Here are a few of the things that you need to check as the weather starts to warm.

10 July 2018

3 Reasons To Let A Licensed Plumber Handle Your Plumbing Issues


There will be times when your home suffers plumbing issues. Instead of dealing with them alone and potentially making a mistake, it's always a good idea to hire a licensed plumber. They can help you deal with these issues by assisting in the follow ways.  They Have Unrivaled Experience  Taking a DIY approach to plumbing issues often results in doing more harm than good. Then, you may be left with expensive repair bills that could have easily been avoided.

21 June 2018

Why Are Leak Detection And Plumbing Maintenance Services Important?


Many homeowners today do not realize the importance of having routine plumbing inspections. They postpone or avoid the services until something unfortunate such as water damage occurs. Unfortunately, this can result in them needing to spend more money fixing the water leak and getting the water damage cleaned up. Water damage is dangerous because it can encourage mold growth. Toxic mold can make individuals sick and it can spread quickly. If you wait until the signs of water damage are obvious, you will likely have to also get building materials that were impacted by the water replaced.

28 May 2018

There's A Problem Here: How To Tell When It's Time To Replace Your Water Pipes


If your home is aging, chances are good that everything else is aging too, including the operating systems. Recognizing problems with the wiring is usually an easy process; the lights start flickering and the circuits shut down repeatedly. However, it's not always that easy when it comes to your plumbing, especially the pipes. Now that your home is aging, it's time to start worrying about those pipes. Here are four signs that will let you know when it's time to replace the plumbing in your home.

4 May 2018