3 Reasons To Let A Licensed Plumber Handle Your Plumbing Issues


There will be times when your home suffers plumbing issues. Instead of dealing with them alone and potentially making a mistake, it's always a good idea to hire a licensed plumber. They can help you deal with these issues by assisting in the follow ways.  They Have Unrivaled Experience  Taking a DIY approach to plumbing issues often results in doing more harm than good. Then, you may be left with expensive repair bills that could have easily been avoided.

21 June 2018

Why Are Leak Detection And Plumbing Maintenance Services Important?


Many homeowners today do not realize the importance of having routine plumbing inspections. They postpone or avoid the services until something unfortunate such as water damage occurs. Unfortunately, this can result in them needing to spend more money fixing the water leak and getting the water damage cleaned up. Water damage is dangerous because it can encourage mold growth. Toxic mold can make individuals sick and it can spread quickly. If you wait until the signs of water damage are obvious, you will likely have to also get building materials that were impacted by the water replaced.

28 May 2018

There's A Problem Here: How To Tell When It's Time To Replace Your Water Pipes


If your home is aging, chances are good that everything else is aging too, including the operating systems. Recognizing problems with the wiring is usually an easy process; the lights start flickering and the circuits shut down repeatedly. However, it's not always that easy when it comes to your plumbing, especially the pipes. Now that your home is aging, it's time to start worrying about those pipes. Here are four signs that will let you know when it's time to replace the plumbing in your home.

4 May 2018

How To Replace A Cast Iron Toilet Flange


If you have a toilet in an older home, it is  likely connects by a cast iron flange. Cast iron can become brittle over the years causing the toilet to rock. It is possible to replace the cast iron flange yourself and make the toilet steady to keep it falling through the floor. Replace the cast iron toilet flange by following these steps. Prepare to Replace Cast Iron Flange To replace the flange, gather:

16 April 2018

Tips For Removing Hard Water Scale And Rust Stains From Your Sinks And Toilets


If your home uses well water that leaves iron stains and hard water scale on all of your sinks and toilets, then these tips will help you successfully remove them: Tip: Wash the Porcelain with a Grease-Cutting Detergent Before Scrubbing Since your home's sinks and toilets come into contact with greases and oils from your body and cleaning products, it is important that you remove this grease before you try to remove the scale and iron stains.

27 March 2018

3 Signs Your Tub Drain Needs Professional Cleaning


Your tub and shower drain can see a massive amount of water flow down it every day, especially so if you have a relatively larger household. This means that over time general wear and tear may eventually cause clogs or other drainage and plumbing issues that can disrupt your everyday schedule. Understanding some of the warning signs that your shower and tub drain may be experiencing an issue can help you identify problems early before they leave you knee-deep in trouble.

17 March 2018

What to Do When Hair Clogs Are a Recurring Problem


Hair is one of the most common causes of clogging in bathtubs and showers. It's commonly believed that ladies' long hair is what leads to clogging but this isn't true. Any kind of hair, long, short, and even animal fur can cause a drain to clog. Hair can easily become trapped on oily deposits inside the drain. The hair then provides more area for oil to stick on and trap other material.

3 March 2018