3 Common Shower Annoyances That A Plumber Can Actually Fix


Showering should be relaxing and enjoyable. But so often, there is something about your shower that annoys you enough to make the experience less amazing than it could be. Many homeowners just ignore these little annoyances and go on taking less-than-perfect showers year after year, but in actuality, most annoying shower problems can be fixed by a plumber with relative ease. Here are three problems that are worth contacting your plumber about.

28 July 2020

This Is Why You Should Have A Plumber Inspection After An Earthquake


Going through an earthquake can be nerve-wracking, even if it's relatively minor. If you've gotten through an earthquake, no matter how minor or severe and your house is still in one piece, you might think that the worst is behind you. However, it'd be a very good idea for you to take this opportunity to call over a residential plumber to have your home inspected. Here's why. Loose Pipes One of the problems that can strike after even mild earthquakes is that connections between pipes in the walls of your home are loosened.

24 June 2020

The Low Down On Trenchless Sewer Repair


A clogged sewer line is never welcome news. You often become aware of the problem only when drains begin to slow or raw sewage begins to back up into your home. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to repair. Trenchless repair can be the least invasive and quickest way to solve your sewer line clog. Benefits of Trenchless Repair Traditional sewer line repair involves digging a large trench down to the sewer line.

21 May 2020

What Goes In Your Drains Matters: How To Keep Your Drains Working Efficiently


Your drains are not equipped to handle anything and everything that can fit into them. Your drains are only meant to handle waste that is biodegradable and that can dissolve easily. It isn't meant to handle food waste items that can't break down, or that can cause a clog in your system. If you are putting the wrong items in your drains, you could be setting yourself up for a poorly working drain system or one that has stopped working altogether.

17 April 2020

Possible Causes Of A Water Leak Under Your Kitchen Sink And When You Need An Emergency Plumber


A pipe leak under your sink isn't always an emergency, but it might be if you can't stop the water. You might be able to make DIY repairs if the problem is a loose nut that just needs to be tightened, but you may need to call a plumber for more complex repairs, especially if the leak turns into a plumbing emergency. Here are possible reasons for a water leak under your sink and repairs that might be needed.

16 March 2020

Sewage In The Yard After An Earthquake? This Is What's Happened


Making it through an earthquake is an accomplishment in and of itself, but sometimes the danger isn't over just because the earth has stopped shaking. If it's a day or a few days later and you're noticing a distinct foul odor in your yard, or that sewage is visibly emerging from the ground, you likely have a big problem on your hands courtesy of that earthquake. Here's what's going on.

13 February 2020

3 Causes Of Septic Tank Issues


Your septic system manages all the wastewater that flows from your home. Without your septic system, your plumbing system would cease to function. Your septic system is a vital component of your plumbing system, which is why you need to be aware of situations that can cause your septic system to malfunction. Cause #1: Rainy Season The first thing that can cause your septic system issues is the rainy season where you live.

21 January 2020