A Guide To Toilet Tank Leaks


Leaking from the toilet tank is not a problem to ignore. It wastes water and it can lead to further damage. Signs of a Tank Leak The toilet tank can leak to the outside of the tank, or it can spring an internal leak that results in water from the tank draining prematurely into the toilet bowl. External leaks are obvious because you will have water on the outside of the tank or dribbling down onto the floor to pool at the base of the toilet.

10 February 2021

Five Symptoms of a Clogged Dishwasher Drain


Dishwasher drain clogs can lead to major issues if they are ignored. Water can leak from around the dishwasher, leading to both obvious and hidden damages. The clog can also get into the main drain line, causing backups around the house. Know the main symptoms of a dishwasher clog so you can catch it early and schedule a prompt drain cleaning. 1. Abnormal Sounds Dishwashers are rarely completely silent when in operation, but some noises indicate trouble.

15 January 2021